“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”Carl Sandburg

“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”
Carl Sandburg

Children are the blessing that indicates that there is still a positive hope left to be seen and lived. They see, observe and then commit whatever they have in surroundings. But when these precious beautiful blessings falls into the ungrateful hands then this not only mess up with the present but with the future of that particular NATION.

It’s an undeniable fact that kids are the most sensitive part which gets a horrific impact by the destruction THE WAR brings out. Yes! WAR…for which it’s been decades that CHILDREN have paid a heavy price. Every time the armed collision between states and their preference towards war leaves nothing but the dark futures for the children on that piece of land.  The world along with becoming the Global Village has also become a place where there exist locations where one in four children dies before they turn five.

Why these children are killed? When they don’t even know how to draw a straight line or have reached to the level of their age where they can be aware that the feeling which they are experiencing by taking the air inside, through their lungs is called BREATHING. Breathing in a free air as a free individual is then something even far from their innocent thoughts. War is never a solution for any problem or at least the least option that governing bodies of any state should go for. Paying our utmost concern towards the beautiful blessing “Children” is the responsibility that each country which is or was in the state of war. Most of the children are forced to work when the disastrous time like war gets into their lives and the reason is again another menace called POVERTY.

As issues like poverty are obviously automated to the word “War” but now its time that there should be some serious actions that has to be taken in securing these children futures. At first place, this menace should not get take place in an independent state but if God forbid it happens then there should be a proper planning for the children so they do not suffer when the war time gets to an end. As if there isn’t any strategy for them then it’s a life time war which they have within their self and lasts forever as a mark which never vanishes from their life’s book. Children are our future and to give them a light to see their future bright is our responsibility, so let’s feel responsible and always make sure to give them something great to learn from us.

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“NO” means NEXT OPPORTUNITY a thought to welcome 2013


“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience”
Emily Dickinson

Another year that is about to end in few days and then there would     entirely be a new year with new months, new days and opportunities. Wait  a minute …what is the last word? OPPORTUNITIES ….. well not sure about that for each one of us as this word can only be proved NEW for only those who believe in fighting back when they are defeated, rising again when they fall and taking every NO as a direction towards a new opportunity.

Recently I was cleaning my book shelf when I found my English poetry book of school days. It was really a special feeling as I opened it and started revising all those lessons taught to me and then the turn came of my favourite poetry “TRY AGAIN” by T.H. Palmer. Don’t remember what influence I got from it when I read it first in my school but reading it now when few days for the fresh year 2013 to get started are left was entirely a different sway that I experienced. Especially by the stanza which says:

All that other folks can do,
Why, with patience, should not you?
Only keep this rule in view:
Try, try again.


“There is nothing in your destiny, nothing in your future that you cannot accomplish”
Larry King

How true it is!!

The success lies in continues struggle  keeping in mind to avoid intentions like stubbornness or envious behaviour but to accompany instincts like patience, strong will power and lots of courage to face NO’s of life and converting them into YES’s. After reading it I was in deep notion that what I did this year was just struggle without all these positive senses that I have mentioned above and that is basically the reason why I didn’t got the required results. Miscalculation I guess or I should say a typical nature that had dug its sharp, poisonous claws into our environment and had made a constant mind set which says TO QUIT from each attempt that results in rejection.

Giving one self another chance is far left behind in our society, why can’t we see our history, which tells us that all those renowned ancestors of the mankind including Mahmud Ghaznavi, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, Mother Teresa and there goes a long list of these remarkable people have the same formula. Their secret was to NEVER give up before life’s hardships and to continuously move on with their firm beliefs; there lies the reason why we read them today as a benchmark before us.

I welcome this year with the reflection of these exemplary personality’s views and I pray that may God provide us all bravery to stand out for our selves, instead of quitting start moving towards a view that NO means Next Opportunity. It’s the period that is going to teach us the tactics and provide us a new direction to reach our final destiny. So do except it with a courageous smile and challenge it. As Einstein said: “I am thankful to all those who said NO to me Its Because of them I did it myself”. Joyful and blissful NEW YEAR to all of you.

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“The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it.”
George Bernard Shaw

I was searching for the proper definition of the word ARGUMENT and what I understood from the numerous description of this vast meaning consisting term is that In Philosophy and logic, an argument is an effort to persuade someone of something, by giving grounds or evidence for accepting a particular conclusion. Bravo! Meaning understood, but now on the second thought I was wondering that is it the definition which now a days people keep in their mind while giving an attempt for making an argument? The answer which I got by observing around was unfortunately “NO”.

Today we argue as if we are taking revenge from each other, once the moment of making a dispute starts there is a race of getting first to comment one’s opinion on the floor without considering any ethical manner to be followed. Moreover rather to make an effort to proof one’s opinion the right one the factor of CONVINCING others is completely forgotten, actually what they do is that they try to ENFORCE upon others to call them the winner of the day. For this they use certain tools like raising the tone and pitch of their voices, using harsh words, getting personal and targeting one another for their attempts which is completely out of question. Hey! does anyone remember what the topic was for which the arguments were being made? And the answer is again regrettably “NO”; it’s far left behind somewhere while they were pinpointing each other WHY?

Well the obvious answer would be that today during arguments our aim is not to end it in a constructive manner but to make it a favourable situation for ourselves only, we totally forget that we were suppose to find a solution rather than to be declared a SMART, INTELLIGENT and DOMINANT person of the gathering. This is a very common perception and a serious misconduct which can actually make us fools out of ourselves if we are assuming such an attitude.

Now coming to the correct attitude while making one’s opinion to be heard and understood in any discussion. First of all correction in one’s aim while attempting for a dispute, the goal should be and only be to construct something valid and logical so that a sensible end i.e. “A SOLUTION” shall be the point where all the arguments conclude. Try one’s level best to keep the disagreement within the circle of the topic which resulted the argument, always adopt an attitude to be a good listener before an orator; this priority always works and there is no harm in welcoming other’s opinion to make an addition to your idea. Last but not the least the very significant factor that counts is the MANNER of setting one’s opinion before the audience and here includes much of the percentage to convince and prove your point successfully… IF it is only meant to convince people rather than to force them. So people! At the end of each discussion which you go through in your life and where you took a chance to make your point in it, at the finishing line ask yourself was it just an argument which you made or was it a constructive one?

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
Wayne Dyer

Change is surely to get happen in life at each and every step we take and every moment we breathe. I have mentioned it before several times that life’s measurement is not when you count the number of breaths we take but the number of moments that we lived in it and there is a vast difference in LIVING  and BREATHING. At the end of our days that we are spending here, life’s decision making power always stays with us. No matter how critical and challenging the

circumstances exist before us but at last moments it totally depends on our final take towards the situation.

Few days back I was reading a write up by an author “Daven Hiskey” under the title : Caterpillars “Melts” Almost Completely before Growing into Butterflies in the Chrysalis (a chrysalis as in latin called chrysalis, it comes from Greek and also known as an Aurelia or Nympha i.e the pupal stage of butterflies). In this beautiful natural process defining inscription I have found one thing really amazing which made me write this blog of mine upon the factor CHANGE in our lives. A caterpillar melts completely in its previous shell that is called Chrysalis just to get transformed and become the beautiful butterfly BRAVO!! That means that one has to melt the previous personality aspects in order to move on with the life daily challenges in an entirely fresh and beautiful manner if one has literally decided to get a Change within self then this is the perfect example.

I have observed people suggesting at certain points that change your attitude and things are going to work and they really make me wonder sometimes that what if the person you are suggesting to is fearful towards, that OH MY GOD!! something NEW is going to happen to them. Then here I will quote the beautiful quote of Arnold Bennett that “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”, if one is expecting to always get great results from the change occurring then it’s wrong change can even bring some new challenges as well and they surely will but the winner attitude would be to accept them and tackle them with a different and positive approach. At least more optimistic than before so that the initiative that one has taken to get a new look in their thoughts can get a meaningful outcome.

Yes an agreed fact that change is a crucial aspect that you cannot ignore when it comes to present a right attitude towards life challenges but it’s not that easy task. Here a lot of energy, patience and a sensible viewpoint regarding situations around are required for sure; one has to bear a welcoming nature with a pleasant smile ahead for everything that comes in their way during the process of transforming from one form of their personality aspect to the other just like the caterpillar does to become a beautiful butterfly.

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Sometimes “sorry” is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.

Precious things are rarely found and if someone is blessed with some valuable belongings then they surely keep it safe and with extreme care. This code of conduct is hardly applied upon the words we use in our daily conversations; words are really a precious treasure that one has for moments in which we express ourselves. Using them in an appropriate way is not just the necessity of creating a friendly environment around but it’s also important for one’s inner satisfaction. Guilt of words that has been used and which has did nothing but hurt someone is extremely a disturbing moment for one self as well. It is also dependent upon the realizing factor that how much we feel the heat of other’s shoes because sometimes we seldom give attention towards the reaction which is created due to our words we used.

Humans now days have a very surprising life going on and one never knows what the next moment would bring them, either it would be pleasant or painful. Global Village has made every unimaginable thing to be possible at any moment.

The point is that if we know that we are at every moment very close to what is called END then why not be careful towards each other. After all we wouldn’t be examined by the wins and losses that for one seem so important but at the end it will all fade away, all that matter is not what you bought but what you built; not what you got but what you gave. In the whole day we give a lot to our surroundings, some bring aching tears and some spread smiles on faces; it’s us who decides what we can bring out of our daily conversations.

Even the word sorry has lost its magic as we use it too frequently, especially for the same mistake. We have completely forgotten that the first rule of saying ‘I’m sorry’ is to rectify the mistake, and ensure that you never repeat it. You need to go to the root of the problem, amend it, and ensure that there will be no more future incidents of the same type and only then this word will play its magic spell of winning hearts. Remember! Value your words and give them literally true meanings in which you really meant them to be.

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Life is an art we are required to practice without preparation, a score that we play at sight even before we have mastered our instruments”
Lewis Mumford

“Ohh my God” this is not just the couple of words but it’s a term which almost all of us repeat several times a day when something wrong happens while we talk or walk. Every day is an unpredictable intuition which we all experience and the experience that particular day gives us differs somewhere from the day we led yesterday. Let’s put some question to oneself, shall we?

  • If I know the day would be a new experience and whether would be positive or negative then why do I waste my time in thinking so much of how much perfect it should be spent?
  • If I know I will be having an entirely different tool each day along me which I will use or might not in future but the point is why do I regret the time when this tool has some time left to reach me, what’s the rush?
  • Why can’t I keep patience and have some light feeling about the day coming along?
  • If I know I have no other choice but have to live the day then why can’t I welcome it with a smile and some positive expectations without caring what it would leave me with when it will end today?
  • Do I know the difference between breathing and living?

I still wonder that everyone is aware that life is a surprise then why can’t we stop worrying of how to tackle with the emotions which we will provide to the moment while experiencing it. We forget, that when it comes to surprises then we do unconscious things which are natural, so if we spell a word wrong before the whole class or we mumbled during a presentation at our office in fact we did prepared our self before and the worst when we took a wrong direction while driving in the right way and got late to reach where one has to be; certain other moments which we literally regret that why they happened to us when we were so much prepared but it still happened, why why??

Take it easy pal! Calm down and relax and think wisely for a while towards yourself. You are not an angel who would not commit a mistake throughout their lives, so stop trying to be an absolute Mr. Right or Ms. Right. We are humans and it’s in our psychological instinct to do mistakes but how we will take the happening of that mistake in our life is the choice totally dependent upon us. Learn from the mistake or keep it all over your mind and regret yourself for committing it…. Choose my dear!! Lewis Mumford’s saying I mentioned in the beginning in which he express that life must be handled with patience and tolerance towards ourselves do not regret or disappoint from the person breathing inside you, rather learn from the mistakes that have been done and do not stop appreciating yourself because you are the best and sincere judge who can evaluate for you the way to manage things in a proper flow. Give yourself a break and a chance to spread the wings in the free air because the breeze is pleasant and the wings are grown fine the only thing which is delaying the beautiful flight to be happened is your permission to take over. So let’s decide to let not our past affect our present and future negatively but it should influence us in an optimistic manner to decorate our moments and perform with improvements.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you”
Walt Whitman

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We are living in the age where one has got endless options to make their necessities satisfied, the age of “Global Village”. Along the best possible means the present time has provided to the individual as having opportunities in order to play their particular roles socially, also put couple of challenges before us. Lots of choices make it difficult for the person to be ethical enough according to the moral values we have, here comes the real test in which not only one has to get through but to achieve exceptional success in passing it. Following ethics in this speedy world has become almost impossible due to the barriers being faced in daily life; for example the temper level which we observe in surroundings is at its peak in each situation we counter every next second of life.

There was a time when some behavioral criteria were set for every individual to be treated like for KIDS polite nature is always a probable one keeping in mind their soft hearts who are not yet aware of the toughness that life is going to make them experience one day, for ELDERS extremely generous and respectable treatment is anticipated which is necessary to make them feel that however their body is not strong enough and soul not that young but still their loved ones are still around with the same level of love and affectionate. Apart from our personal life when it comes to the social arena we live in, certain situations if scrutinized then one can easily find the violation of ethics we commit everyday or probably every minute of our life. Being unfairly brutal with our colleagues or mates with whom we share our purpose which we do for our earnings, the work or whatever stuff we perform distant from our personal lives happens to be our second home in which we live with our second family but all we do is keep ourselves above from everybody else’s concern. WHY?

Forgiveness, politeness, gratefulness, respect, helpfulness, cooperation and endless ethical behaviors like these which have lost somewhere in our nature because of our complete attention towards, becoming the most speedy running horse in the race of life. Entirely forgetting the fact that what will matter is not how many people YOU knew, but how many will feel a LOST when you are gone; what will matter is not your memories but the memories that live with those who LOVED you. Your academic degrees, position or richness will be left behind and the only thing which will matter is what you built and gave in your life not what you bought or got.

Axel Munthe says:

“What you keep to yourself you lose, what you give away; you keep it forever”

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“Faith is a passionate intuition”.  William Wordsworth

Very true Sir William! Indeed this saying reminds me of Steve Jobs speech which he delivered to the students at Stanford University. Since these were the moments in his life when he recently got to learn that a Cancer has been diagnosed in his body and just after its one year of being diagnosed the STEADY man is standing on stage to tell the future generation about his life’s three stories WAOO . This is something which really makes people talk about him as “Jobs really changed the world for us” it’s nothing but all true. If we just listen to each and every word of his speech we will get to know that it’s truly based on sentiments like believe, love, thirst to learn more, decides!!   And more over the crust was FAITH; this is the ultimate coating which our sentiments have got and it’s not just a coating but a strong protective shield for our responses as well.

Jobs Steve was conveying his speech to the students who were having their graduation ceremony and telling them his life’s three stories meant for a reason. That reason was that the graduation day makes you see your entrance DOOR towards the practical life waiting for you to make a difference from your side. His emphasis was mostly on to love what one commit to do because if we won’t then we will lost one day and even at worst situation can quit. Why to take that risk people? Can’t we just sit for a while and think of something which we will do as our future task and with what we can just fell in love with? Because that love for whatever we would be doing will become passion and passion means the true meaning of living in this world.

What we do today is that we choose something which is just not our taste but we do……. Why? Because it’s having a possible measurable SCOPE, that’s what a very expected answer one will get. This word SCOPE; yup the problem exists very there, this is the point where we lack trust on ourselves and then we look for lame excuses like SCOPE. Why we just forget that a person adopting any field makes that field’s scope not that field makes HIM/HER. Finding your capabilities, your area of interest and your right taste is not a tough job actually, all it needs is to have a minute with yourself and peep inside for a while with in the person called YOU and ask what that person want in life to be. There you go got your answer, it’s just easy just like that. Our trouble lies where we don’t consult ourselves for our life’s matter; most of us have almost forgotten the person they see every morning in the mirror before them, forgetting the fact that appreciating that individual falls to be our vital responsibility because the world won’t do that for you in the first place. What my request is to please please be in contact with yourself and don’t lose faith because that is the only protective coating which can shelter you from the hurdles one will experience in life and the reason is that FAITH gives you strength to fight as a sturdy person.  Thanx Steve for a great speech, it is surely a very elegant experience of life you had shared with the world.

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“Happy Blogging to all of us ….” This was my last sentence which I posted on Mr. Hammad Siddiqui’s (http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com/) wall where he uploaded a session’s video which we attended under the title of “Blogging”. In this video I shared my opinion about the session and I mentioned the obstacle which I was having in putting up my ideas publically. I have the content, the concept was there but I had this very serious confusion of How to deliver them as a writer? I love whatever I write and obviously I would like to see other people taking my write ups in the same manner as I want to deliver them along with a trendy platform to be utilized for extending my message. TREND!! May be there my confusion came up, I was searching for an appropriate stage for my message to be displayed upon when I found this BLOGGING TREND OF TODAY which caught my attention and it made me attend the session at the Institute of Journalism IOJ (www.iojpakistan.tk) where Mr. Hammad Siddiqui teached us what this trend is about, how to utilize it to become the PURPLE COW in today’s speedy world and some technical stuff related to it as well. Yup that’s the term Mr. Siddiqui used “Purple Cow” which he meant to say: Be someone who is recognized for whatever he/she is doing.  Perfect concept to be the part of this GLOBAL VILLAGE ERA instead? Anyhow with a firm decision to make Blogging as my first source of junction with the world, here I am writing…..

“If you want to be on top of the social media world, you need to be always following the trends” this sentence I read in one of the blog which was written upon blogging and YES it gave me a clear answer. Here let me make it clear that with the introduction of new concepts it is not necessary that the old ones won’t exist anymore, it’s totally wrong; the ways which we had before to express our ideas do have their particular place, for example reading Books by actually feeling them in your very hands. Though the “eBooks” concept is there but the joy of reading is in by holding them and it is something not comparable to any sort of new trend. However coming back to my first and foremost stage “Blog”  I am looking forward as to utilize it to have my word spread in a fine manner and yup the fast feedback part is the most favorite of mine which no doubt teaches you to be groomed fine and fast. With these notes which actually my starting notes on a blog as I am remembering what Rita Baily a Speaker on motivation said “Start wherever you are and start small”.

So here, I  Erum Inam signing off from the first blog of my life, to come again and blog more utilizing  this platform to promote ideas in a positive perspective. In the end of course Happy Blogging to all the bloggers out there ….